Please review the answers to some frequently asked questions:


Will I, as an author, have to pay for anything?

There are no out-of-pocket production expenses for any of our authors.  We split all production costs, and the author is only responsible for his/her share.  Once the book is published and sold, the author’s portion is withheld from initial royalties. The exact amount of these expenses varies for each title, and we will provide a realistic estimate prior to signing a contract (typically $2000 is authors share).

Other expenses, such as those for a PR person, are considered separate (not typical or required expense) and are negotiated on a case by case basis.

How much time will it take to let me know if you’ve accepted my manuscript?

There is no guarantee of how long this can take, as we receive a significant number of submissions. We need time to address prior submissions, read what you have provided, and then do some research.  Most important is the quality of the writing, the topic and message being written about, and the market potential for your work.  Secondarily, we are interested in what type of platform or voice you currently have.  In other words, what level of prominence do you currently hold in your field, and to what extent are you actively involved in promoting yourself and your work?

If you haven’t heard back from us in 60-90 days, then feel free to inquire as to the status of your submission.

What kind of marketing efforts will be expected from me?

Active participation in the marketing of your book is a VERY important requirement for success.  We need to know you will regularly be involved in and participating in your own marketing efforts.  Of primary importance is your online presence in terms of a personal or book website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, any blogs, etc.   So the creation of, and regular updates/posts to these social media platforms is expected.  As well, a willingness to participate in book signings, readings and other marketing events is expected.

Furthermore, we encourage our authors to utilize contacts or friends/family members that are important figures in marketing or within communities who can help to endorse their books. We will also want to explore whether you have any other “experience” that can be leveraged.

Upon acceptance by FB Publishing, we will further discuss the important steps of marketing for which our authors will be responsible, and determine a specific marketing plan for your book.

If you publish my book, will you do the cover design or will I have to do it?

Cover design is often done through a collaboration between our designers and our authors. Sometimes our authors know exactly what they want on the covers of their books, other times not. Some authors bring us a completed cover. If you don’t have a cover, we take responsibility for creating the cover (it will be part of production expenses).  We try to accommodate the wishes of our authors as much as possible in this process.


To learn more, simply submit your book for publication. Your questions will be best answered once we know more about you and your work. Perhaps research several publishing companies, as it is always best to have more than one option