Sandcastles & Snowmen

Author : Sahar El-Nadi


What makes a successful woman indifferent to her faith and what draws her back to it to see the world in new way? Why would a smart woman-of-the-world choose to be a practicing Muslim who voluntarily wears a headscarf, commits to praying five times a day and fasting a full month each year? And how does that decision affect her public life and her international work?

Sandcastles and Snowmen explores faith through the story of a woman on a personal journey to search for spirituality, leading her to reconnect with Islam in a new, global context in the turbulent post 9/11 world.

In addition to sharing basic information about Islam and what attracted her back to it as her chosen way of life, Sahar draws on her extensive multi-cultural experience to view Islam within the modern context of our fast-paced material life. She inspires the reader to view the world from new perspectives as she re-examines world issues touching everyone’s life: politics, gender, diversity, ethics, business, and religious tension, from her personal view as a woman, a Muslim, and a citizen of the world.

This book is for the global reader, to inform and inspire and to help break barriers and encourage communication across divides of race and creed. It is also a good tool for addressing integration issues related to Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers. But most of all, this book is meant to show how women can help make this a better world, by reaching out and speaking up, to challenge ignorance and hate and to engage the world in a peaceful dialogue based on facts, mutual respect and friendship.

“To call this book inspiring would be doing an injustice to it…This book illustrates perfectly that values such as love, peace, caring for others, respect and tolerance [are things] that all human beings have in common… it is refreshing to read a book which focuses on so many ways in which the people of the world can find common ground. Sahar el-Nadi gives credibility to her ideas because she actually lives and practices what she speaks about, emphasizing that her discussions are not merely idealistic discourses…The journey thatSandcastles & Snowmen takes you on is definitely a worthwhile one and I would recommend this book to anyone. ” Muslim Women Exposed

“The book delves into so many… interesting topics such as politics, science, arts, culture, ethics and many more… But overall, this book has to be one which is promoting peace, peace between mankind, peace between man and the earth, and peace in terms of religions. A lovely read, Sandcastles and Snowmen is a definite one to add to your must reads, and share with friends Muslim and non Muslim alike.” Muslimah In Reverie

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