Love & Happiness

Posted by on 28/03/2017

  Things fall apart. And they break sometimes. Like many of you, my journey hasn’t always been easy. Pain is very real. And so is loss. Sometimes it’s hard not to let the weight of what we carry—or the memory of what we’ve lost—take over. Many of us know the reality of struggle, and so many people suffer in silence. It’s hard. It’s hard not to give up when we face the repeated disappointments of life. Like some of you, I’ve known loneliness. I’ve known defeat. I’ve

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The Divine Reality: God, Islam, & the Mirage of Atheism

Posted by on 08/11/2016

The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage of Atheism is not just a book about atheism. It is the first book in the English language to address universal and Islamic arguments for God's existence, oneness and worship, while thoroughly addressing popular and academic objections. The book also provides a compelling case for the Qur’an as Divine revelation and a persuasive argument for why the Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger of God. Based on his studies in Islamic thought, his

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Behind Picket Fences

Posted by on 07/07/2016

Behind Picket Fences exposes four families from behind their comfortable lifestyles and smiling faces. Sharing the same neighborhood, even spending time together, no family knows the truth about the difficulties the others face.  On the outside, Sidra and Farris have the biggest house and the most expensive cars. What no one sees is their struggle to accept an unfulfilled dream. If they do not adapt to the blows of fate, their malcontent may give birth to deception.  Mariam and Morgan’s

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Without Shame

Posted by on 22/10/2015

Without Shame is a love story at its core – but not in the traditional sense. It’s about love of one’s country, culture, God, and language. It’s about the power of identity to shine through when other forces threaten to overshadow it. In 1968 East Pakistan, in a village called Madhukhali, shame is a virtue Sariyah never mastered.  She yearns to join a movement with her fellow Bengalis, who are gripping onto their language and cultural identity against neocolonial powers – but she is

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Brick Walls: Tales of Hope & Courage from Pakistan

Posted by on 11/08/2015

Brick Walls: Tales of Hope & Courage from Pakistan is a heartwarming collection of short stories filled with larger-than-life characters and the seemingly impossible challenges they face. You will be captivated by these fictional depictions of everyday Pakistanis who struggle with poverty, violence, corruption and abuse, yet rise from the ashes stronger and more enduring. There is Asma the lackluster seamstress, Faisal the would-be terrorist, Javed Gul the Pushto rock singer, Farzana the

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How to be a Happy Muslim

Posted by on 18/12/2014

  How To Be A Happy Muslim Insha’Allah: Rise Above Your Problems and Choose Inner Peace and Joy with Ideas from the Quran, Sunnah, Counseling and Health Fields is a book by trained counselor Sheima Salam Sumer, which intends to guide you in achieving inner peace and joy by combining Islamic teachings with mental and physical health concepts. Insha’Allah this book will empower you to feel content and in control of your emotions no matter what is happening in your life, and be able to

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The Exemplary Role Model Muhammad

Posted by on 28/10/2014

We tried to show Muhammad's exemplary life so people can eradicate themselves of misconceptions and the Muslims can follow His way and represent Islam in the best form.  The books which cover the biography of the Prophet usually give chronological information about His life; however, do not give insight into the exemplary characteristics.  For example the Prophet as educator, leader, the commander of an army, father, husband, ruler of state is absent from regular Sirah books.  I came to the

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Normal Calm

Posted by on 29/09/2014 . Informatic . Religious

Amina is an Arab American woman attending one of the best universities in the US.  During the spring of her junior year, Amina is raped by one of her friends, making her essentially unmarriageable in the eyes of her parents and, possibly, the entire Arab community. When her mother experiences a nervous breakdown, Amina fears that she is to blame for her mother’s condition.  Eventually she falls in love with Sherif, but his reaction to her rape proves him to be unworthy.  Deciding to forgo

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Five Pillars of Islam

Posted by on 29/09/2014 . Religious

Publication Date: July 15, 2013 (Original title “Islamic Law with The Quran And Sunnah Evidences (From A Hanafi Perspective)” Five Pillars of Islam,        by Dr. Recep Dogan The religion of Islam aims to bring happiness to the lives of human beings in this world and the afterlife by providing them with the most suitable lifestyle for the human condition. Allah revealed Islam through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) giving Muslims two main sources from which to learn their duties and

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Sandcastles & Snowmen

Posted by on 29/09/2014 . Religious

What makes a successful woman indifferent to her faith and what draws her back to it to see the world in new way? Why would a smart woman-of-the-world choose to be a practicing Muslim who voluntarily wears a headscarf, commits to praying five times a day and fasting a full month each year? And how does that decision affect her public life and her international work? Sandcastles and Snowmen explores faith through the story of a woman on a personal journey to search for spirituality, leading

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