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    Without Shame, by Katherine Russell

    Published on October 20th, 2015

    East Pakistan, 1968: In Sariyah’s village,

    shame is a virtue she never mastered. As a

    child, she learned to read in secret, kept

    talismans against her father’s orders, and

    questioned everything, even Allah. Now she

    is practicing how to be a “woman with

    shame,” torn between promises to her

    family and to herself. She yearns to join a

    movement with her fellow Bengalis, who

    are gripping onto their language and

    cultural identity against colonial powers –

    but she is continuously sucked into the

    narrow visions of her father.

    In the midst of all this, an American has

    come to teach English. Rodney Creed bursts

    into this tension-filled world with the bright

    optimism of a college graduate, too eager to

    sense the rumbling ground beneath him, and

    he doesn’t have a clue – until he meets


    When worlds collide this way, there is no

    telling who will be shaken the most.

    Rodney believes he is there to teach, but he

    will learn painful, irreversible things.

    Without Shame is a love story at its core –

    but not in the traditional sense. It’s about

    love of one’s country, culture, God, and

    language. It’s about the power of identity to

    shine through when other forces threaten to

    overshadow it.